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Porch music * String band * Country songs


Based in Cambridge, MA, Possum has its roots in country porch music with hints of "old timey" and rock. Joe started writing lyrics rooted in his stories about family life in the West Virginia hills. Rob dug out his fiddle and guitar. Tricia started to add vocals. Jamie came to add another guitar and vocals. Steve and Kevin are recent additions to the Feathers Family.

James Lang, aka Roy Bean, guitar-vocals

Joe McClure, aka Russell Feathers, guitar-vocals

Tricia Adelmann, aka Loretta Feathers, vocals-tambourine-egg

Rob Madrick, aka Ebenezer Feathers, fiddle-mandolin-vocals

Kevin Condon, aka EZ Feathers, bass- guitar-vocals

Steve Morell, aka Emory Feathers, drums-vocals